-- Reset Template (Remove Embedded Templates)


To reset a template (remove an embedded template), access the inkFrog library, select the listing checkbox or multiple listings, then click Bulk Actions → Library Actions → Reset Template.




What is an embedded template and how did this happen?

When an eBay account is initially added to inkFrog, the software will import all live eBay listings as well as recently ended eBay listings from the last 30 days.  If the listings were using a listing template from another source, the template code will import embedded within the listing description text.

The other way this can happen is if bulk force sync is performed in the inkFrog account and the option to select to force sync the description from eBay to inkFrog was chosen.

The reason this occurs is that eBay stores the template code within the description text on the eBay website.  Then, when the software imports the listings from eBay, that template code is imported with the listing information.



What does an embedded template look like?


The description text area in inkFrog should only contain text and associated images (if needed).  In this example, the entire template is shown within the description text area.



Why does it matter?

Embedded templates can sometimes cause mobile compatibility issues.  Also, when using an inkFrog template, when the template is assigned to the listing, it will show both the inkFrog template along with the old template since it's embedded. 



Do I have to fix them?

Of course not, they may be left as is if that's what you wish to do.  We just recommend that they are fixed if you intend on using inkFrog free or designer templates so that the new templates display properly.



What if my template isn't removed when using this feature?

Reset template should work for any template that supports the eBay Mobile Compatibility specifications.  If an issue is being experienced when using the feature, please reach out to us at open@inkFrog.com



Does this also clear the inkFrog template selection (if it's been selected already)?

It does not remove any assigned templates.  It only cleans out HTML from the description.



If the listings are live on eBay when the option is used, does it automatically force a revision to fix the listing on eBay or is force sync necessary?

It is necessary to force a revision to see the changes live on eBay.  This allows you to reset the template and work on the new design before publishing it.  It is possible to bulk force sync from inkFrog to eBay.



Once I've reset the old template code, is there a way to bulk assign a new inkFrog template?

Absolutely!  Here's how to bulk assign a new template.




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