Export eBay Listings to Amazon


**Please note that export to Amazon is in beta.  Please report any issues to our Customer Care Team by emailing open@inkFrog.com

Supported Features

The eBay listing must not already be linked to another store (ex: Shopify or Bigcommerce)



To export existing eBay listings from inkFrog to Amazon to create new Amazon products, access Apps → Channel connector → Export eBay to Amazon.



Select the export options

Amazon marketplace

FBA fulfillment

Description export (In general, line breaks (<br>) are the only HTML tags allowed in Amazon product descriptions according to Amazon's product detail page rules. However, some sellers and/or categories may be approved to use more advanced HTML)

Decide if you would like to export all eBay listings to Amazon or manually select which listings to export. 

Select the Next button

**It is recommended that you test one or two listings first, this way, you're able to review how the listings are created and displayed within Amazon.




Review Products

On the review page, just prior to exporting to Amazon, the product listings may be in an exporting as new product status or a needs review status.



Exporting as new product status means that the listing is ready to export to Amazon.  No changes are necessary at this time and the export may be completed.  However, you may review the product details prior to exporting by clicking on the title of the product.

Needs review status means that some changes need to be made prior to completing the export to Amazon.  To review, click on the title of the listing on the left, the product details will load on the right side of the page.


The problem will be noted in the area to the right of the title, in this example, an Amazon category needs to be selected.  To choose a category, select the Select Category button.

If you don't see the category that you need, select the Upload a new one from Amazon link and instructions are provided to upload the Amazon category.  After upload, it will immediately be available for selection.

If you happen to know the ASIN for the product on Amazon, enter it instead, and that information will be used to create the product on Amazon.

Add any necessary item specifics if applicable and condition.

Choose to export the inkFrog product description or enter your own.  Please note that in order to send a custom description to Amazon, the sync settings in inkFrog for syncing description must be turned off in both directions.

Once complete, select Save Settings.  The needs review product status will update to exporting as new product.



Select the Export button to send the listings to Amazon


Once the export completes, a results page is presented.  If a listing fails to be created on Amazon, it will appear on the export results page with an explanation.


For example, the above export failed because a product identifier (UPC/EAN/ISBN/MPN/ASIN) is required by Amazon.  To fix this, edit the eBay listing in inkFrog to add a product identifier, then attempt the export to Amazon once again.

The product is automatically linked to the eBay listing and will sync with eBay according to the store sync settings within inkFrog.














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