Export eBay Listings to Shopify



To export existing eBay listings from inkFrog to Shopify to create new Shopify products, access Apps → Channel connector → Export eBay to Shopify.



**NOTE:  If you have not yet addressed the export settings, please STOP and proceed to Apps → Channel connector → Sync & inventory control.  Make any necessary changes, then save, and then proceed with exporting.

The export category option lets you choose what will happen if inkFrog cannot find a matching category on your store for the eBay category in inkFrog.

The available options include
Do not create new categories on store (use no category)
Create categories on store to match eBay
Use a default category 'imported from eBay' (it will be created if it does not exist)

The duplicate product option setting lets you choose how inkFrog will identify duplicate products when exporting products from inkFrog to your store. 

The available options include
Ignore (do not check for duplicates - export all products
Match by title




Decide if you would like to export all eBay listings to Shopify or manually select which listings to export.  It is recommended that you test one or two listings first, this way, you're able to review how the listings are created and displayed within Shopify.



The product in Shopify is created using the eBay title, description, images, pricing, and quantity.  The product is automatically linked to the eBay listing and will sync with eBay according to the store sync settings within inkFrog, including order sync if order sync is enabled.

By default, Shopify sets the product to not appear in your Online Store. To show the product in Shopify, it is necessary to edit the product in Shopify and select the Online Store in product visibility.




If you've chosen to manually select which listings to export, make the selections.  It is possible to use search and filter the listings to narrow down the list, prior to manually selecting which listings to export.

The list of filters includes:

Price is
Inventory is
Was created
Was updated
Has no variants
Has images
eBay status
eBay listing type
eBay market
eBay account

Once the selections are finalized, click the Done button.



Then select Next.  On the review page, just prior to exporting, you're able to click on the title of a listing and make any necessary changes, or simply click the Export button.

If you've chosen to make changes, once the title is selected, choose the category, then save.


Note that if you have chosen to use a custom description for your store product, it will be affected by your sync settings in inkFrog.

To send a custom description to the store product, sync settings must be set to sync description from inkFrog to Shopify 'off' and sync description from Shopify to inkFrog 'off'



Once the custom description is entered, select Save settings.


Then select the Export button



Once the export completes, a status page is shown letting you know if the listings were successfully created as Shopify products.  The status of each listing will be success, fail, or skipped.  If the listings are failed or skipped, there will be a status message provided with an explanation.  There are also view on store and edit on store links provided.



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