Map (Link) existing eBay Listings to Amazon Products


If you have existing eBay listings when you connect your store to inkFrog, you are able to map (link) your existing listing to your existing store products.

This is easiest to do when the titles between the listings and store match, however, it may also be done when they do not match.

 Mapping takes place on the import from store page.  Make the listing selections or choose to import all and on the review page, the status of each listing will be shown.  The software will try to automatically map the listings, however, they may also be manually mapped if necessary.


Automatically Map

The software will automatically attempt to match the listing to the store products on the import page.  If the software is able to make the match, it will be indicated by a blue link on the review page just prior to importing.





If you have products on the review page that have linked to existing eBay listings automatically, but you would rather import them and list them as new listings to eBay, click the title of one of the mapped listings on the left side of the page.

Then, scroll down on the right side of the page and it will look similar to what you see below.




1) Unlink Listing: If selected, the listing that you had clicked upon will un-map (un-link) from the existing eBay listing and it will import as a new listing for eBay.

2) Unlink all listings:  If seleted, all listings, including those still waiting to import on the import from store page, will un-map (un-link) from existing eBay listings and will import as new listings for eBay.

3) Should you want to check which eBay listing the selected listing is linked to, select the listing title link where it reads "This product has been linked to the existing listing".

To finalize the mapping process, select the import & list button and choose import & list to eBay, so if the existing listings are not yet live, they will be sent to eBay or import only, which would simply connect the store products to the existing eBay listings.


Manually Map

If your store products are not automatically linked in order to map to existing eBay listings on the review page, you are able to manually map them to create the sync.


1) Select the title on the left side of the page that you wish to map.

2) On the right side of the page, choose the Map to existing listing button.




3) In the pop-up window, click on the title of the listing you would like to map to or use the search field to enter a keyword and then hit enter on your keyboard to complete the search.  Once you locate the matching listing, click on the title.


4) Once the title is selected, if it is a single item listing, the blue link will appear indicating that once the import is finalized, the product will map to the existing eBay listing.  If you're mapping a product that contains variants, there is an extra step of making the selections of tying each variant from the store product to the existing eBay variants.

*Note - The eBay listing must contain the same number of variants as the store product in order to map successfully.





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