-- eBay Shipping Rate Tables


Within inkFrog shipping profiles and when creating or editing listings, you're able to create eBay shipping rate tables and associate them with a particular listing or set of listings. This is useful if you're using eBay's door to door guaranteed delivery option.


Create a shipping profile in inkFrog and select the Manage shipping rate tables button.  You may do this for both domestic and international shipping or just one or the other.



Create a new shipping rate table in the pop-up or select an already created table.  Then choose the Use shipping rate tables check box.

Once your shipping profile is saved, the shipping rate table you created or selected is assigned to that shipping profile in inkFrog.


To associate this table to specific listings, in the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.

The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.

Choose Listing Actions, and then Assign profile.


In the popup, select the profile type (shipping), then profile name and choose Assign Profile to apply the profile to only those listings selected in the library, or select the link to apply to all xxx listings matching the current search if you've filtered your listings prior to selection.


If you've selected the link to apply to all xxx listings matching current search, ALL library listings including those not selected, will be edited to add the selected template.




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