Organizational Folders



The default view of the library listings is to view all saved listings.

You're able to create folders and assign your listings individually or in bulk to the specific library folders.

To create a folder access your library and select the folder button.

Then choose the Manage Folders button.

Once the Manage Folders button is selected, you're presented with a pop-up where you're able to choose to delete folders by selecting the trash button to the right of the folder name you want to delete OR create a new folder by using the Add New Folder button.


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If you chose to delete a folder, please confirm the deletion by selecting the Delete Folder button.folder3.png


If you chose to add a new folder, enter a folder name and select the Add Folder button.

To individually assign a listing from either the create new listing page or the edit listing page to a folder, you'll find a field titled Save to folder.  Please select the folder here or use the + button to create a new folder.

To bulk assign your library listings to a specific folder, select the check boxes for those listings.

Next, select the Bulk Actions button located at the top right of the screen once you begin making your listing selections.

Within the Bulk Actions menu, select Library Actions and then Move to Folder.

Next, select the folder and click Move Listings

To view only listings within a specific folder, select the folder button, then select the check box for the folder you would like to view.






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