Listing Filters



The default library view is all saved listings.  Using filters, you're able to set specific criteria as well as save filter sets to change the listings view.

To begin, select the Filter listings button and select from various filters to isolate the listings into a specific view.




For example, if we want to locate only listings in failed status that are not linked to our store, we can first set a filter for eBay status is failed and then set a second filter for not linked to store.  You can do this using any combination of filters that are available.



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If the filtered view is one that you expect to use often, you may also save the filter set to make it easily accessible later.

To save a filter, set the filter criteria and then select Save this search.



Then, choose to save as a new search or overwrite an existing search as well as enter a name to easily identify the search to yourself.



Once a search is saved, a library tab is created and when selected, the filtered listings are presented.



To remove a saved search from your library, access the library and click on the tab for the search you would like to delete.  Then select the trash button to the right of the save this search button. Then confirm the removal by selecting Delete Search.







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