Bulk Editing



You're able to bulk edit your listings within your inkFrog library.

To do so, set any desired filters for the listings, then make the listing selections by clicking the check box for those listings you would like to bulk edit.

Once the listing selections are made, select the Bulk Actions button.


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Choose from the available bulk actions and once you make the action selection you may be presented with a pop-up (if you selected all listings on the page) asking to edit this page of listings only or edit all listings at once.




Edit this page of listings only: This means that only the selected listings will be bulk edited. This option also allows for setting different values for each listing.

Edit all listings at once: If selected, this will edit every listing presented in the filtered library view, even if it was not selected for edit. If you opt to use edit all listings at once, the same value must be used for every listing.



If you set a filter for eBay status is Live and you select the first page of 50 listings and then choose edit this page of listings only, then only those 50 listings you had selected will be edited.

The default library view is 50 listings per page.  If you have 500 listings and select the first 50 listings for bulk edit after setting the desired filters, then select edit all listings at once, all 500 listings in that filtered view will be edited.

*Note - If editing inventory quantity, the option to remove variants with specific quantity values is only available when using edit this page of listings only.


Bulk Launch

When using bulk list to eBay from the library there is a link that appears under the "check errors and fees" link within the pop-up, if you have all listings selected the link reads "post all X listings that match the current search" if selected, this will launch all listings from the filter set to eBay and not only those that were selected.


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Bulk End Early

Bulk end early is available on the live listings page and shows an "End All Early" button that appears next to the "End Early" button if you have all listings on the page selected.

End Early will end only the selected listings

End All Early will end all live listings in the filtered view.






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