eBay Messages


You're able to read and reply to your eBay customer messages directly from within your inkFrog account.

To enable messages, select eBay → Settings

Toggle Enable Messages Tab to the ON position.  With enable turned on, your eBay messages from your customers will display within inkFrog in the Messages tab.

If you also would like to display messages sent by eBay to you in Messages, toggle Import messages sent by eBay to the ON position.





To access your messages, select eBay → Messages





If you see a blue arrow on the right side of the page, this indicates that you have already replied to this particular message.




To reply to a message, click on the message subject and enter your response, then select save.





You're also able to perform the following actions by selecting the Messages button when viewing a particular message.

  • Unread
  • Flagged
  • Unflagged
  • Delete the message
  • Move the message to a folder



Within the overall message view, you can filter your messages to sort the view.  The filters available include

  • eBay account
  • Received at
  • Status is
  • Replied to
  • Page size is




You can manage folders to help organize your messages or select a folder to view the messages within the chosen folder.





You're also able to use Bulk Actions once you select one or more message check boxes.








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