Live eBay Listings


To view a list of currently active listings on eBay, select eBay → Live.

The information included in this view includes the eBay title, sku, price, time left, and watches.  There are multiple actions that may be performed from this page.




To the right of each listing is a row of 3 buttons for end early, sell similar, or edit.


End Early:  Selection this button will end the listing on eBay

Sell Similar:  If there's a product you'd like to create a new listing for, that is similar to another listing that already exists in the inkFrog account, choose sell similar, make some minor changes on the edit listing page, and the new listing is ready to go

Edit:  Selecting the edit button will open the listing information into the individual edit page for revisions


There are a variety of ways to filter the view of the live listings using filters.  Multiple filters may be used at the same time.



For example, if we wanted to see listings that use the market with quantity greater than 2.  We would set two filters, one for eBay market and another for inventory.



If this is a filter that we'll use often, we can opt to save the search and in doing so, you're provided with the option to name the search and save it as a quick tab at the top of the live page.


Should you ever need to delete a saved search tab, click the tab, then select the trash button to the right of the Save this search button.



Once you select one or more of the check boxes to the left of the eBay listings, you'll notice a row of buttons appear towards the top right of the screen. 


Arrows:  These are pagination arrows, use them to move between the pages of live listings.  The default view is 50 listing per page, but a filter may be set for page size so that it shows up to 250 listings per page

Refresh:  The refresh button will update the view of the live listings and import any new live listings from eBay

End Early:  If selected, end early will end the selected eBay listings early

Delete:  The selected eBay listings will be deleted from the live listing view but will re-import from eBay on the next sync from eBay

Update from eBay:  Sometimes, there is a delay updating live listings from eBay to inkFrog with ended status. There are various reasons this can occur, but the good news is that this can be updated manually in the account. 

Step 1: Use the select all check box
Step 2: Click the Update from eBay button
Step 3: Select the update all link

Let that process and once it's completed (it will show a progress bar at the top of the page), the listings will be updated.




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