Sold eBay Orders


Congrats!  You have your first eBay order, let's find out how to manage the order from inkFrog.  First access eBay → Sold

Paid and shipped status of an order may be updated directly on eBay or within inkFrog.  The information automatically transfers back and forth.  If you're syncing orders with a store, you are able to fulfill the orders in your store and the order status will sync to inkFrog automatically, and then to eBay.

The information included in this view includes the inkFrog order ID, order date, ordered by, total, paid, and shipped.



Selecting the + icon to the left of each order will expand to show a quick view of the sold listing




Individual Order Update

Click on the order number which will open the order details.

Mark as payment received: Select this button to mark the order paid



Ship Items: Select this button to mark the order shipped as well as add any carrier or tracking information

Enter any necessary details and select Ship Items




Using Filters

There are a variety of ways to filter the view of the sold orders using filters.  Multiple filters may be used at the same time.



For example, if we wanted to see listings that use the market with orders in the last 90 days. We would set two filters, one for eBay market and another for order date.



If this is a filter that we'll use often, we can opt to save the search and in doing so, you're provided with the option to name the search and save it as a quick tab at the top of the live page.


Should you ever need to delete a saved search tab, click the tab, then select the trash button to the right of the Save this search button.



If you've set up order labels, there's also a quick filter to view orders by the assigned label.



Once you select one or more of the check boxes to the left of the orders, you'll notice a row of buttons appear towards the top right of the screen. 


Arrows:  These are pagination arrows, use them to move between the pages of live listings. A filter may be set for page size so that it shows up to 250 orders per page

Manage Order Labels:  Add or delete labels for your orders

Refresh:  Import any sold orders from eBay

Bulk Actions:  The bulk actions menu expands into a sub-menu and includes the following


Archive Orders:  If an order is entirely complete, you're able to archive the order(s) by selecting this option.  It will turn the text into a faded grey color in the order view

Unarchive Orders:  If you've un-intentionally archived an order or a previously archived order needs to be unarchived, choose this option

Print Orders:  When using inkFrog print templates (invoices/labels), print orders will format the templates to include the details for the selected orders for printing

Apply Label:  Bulk assign a label to the selected orders

Paid:  Bulk change the paid status for the selected orders

Shipped:  Bulk change the shipped status for the selected orders

Paid & Shipped:  Bulk change the paid & shipped status for the selected orders

Force Synchronization:  The options available when force syncing orders change depending upon if you have a store linked to inkFrog or not. 


In this example, we have a Shopify store linked to inkFrog.  We are able to force sync order details/status from any of the options shown above if necessary.  So while orders will automatically sync, if you want to push an immediate update, choose to force sync


Failed Order Sync

Occasionally, you may have an order that fails to sync from your inkFrog to your store due to an error being returned by your store when inkFrog attempts to sync the order.  While there are multiple re-tries built into the software, eventually, if the error continues to be reported from your store, the software will cease attempting to sync the order.  While you should not need to use the force sync options often, we would like you to be made aware of them for circumstances where it may be required.

We generally recommend reviewing your orders at the end of the day.  To review your orders in inkFrog, access eBay → Sold.

If you're syncing eBay orders to your store from inkFrog, set a filter for not linked to store.

If you have email failed orders enabled in sync settings you may see an email alerting you to a failed order sync if you're syncing your eBay orders with your store.

The email will begin with > 'This is a courtesy email from inkFrog to inform you that we failed to push the following order to (your store)'

The email may also contain information related to the reason the order failed and also let you know that we did sync your inventory reduction back to your store regardless of the order failing.

Should you receive this email, you are able to try to force sync the order from inkFrog to your store.  To do so

  • eBay → Sold
  • Select the check box for the failed order
  • Select the bulk actions button and choose force sync
  • Select inkFrog to your store and complete the sync. (Note: do not select to sync inventory if asked since we have already reduced your inventory if specified within the email you've received)

If the order continues to fail to sync to your store after attempting to force sync, there are a variety of reasons your store may be sending inkFrog the fail message. 

If you need assistance with isolating the reason for the order failing to sync, please reach out to inkFrog Customer Care by emailing and include the inkFrog order number and any information you have received from the notification email from inkFrog.



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