inkFrog Event History


When using a store connection with inkFrog, there may be instances of eBay failing to accept a revision from inkFrog either due to an error in the listing or the listing may be under an eBay revision restriction.

The notification for any failed revisions are logged and retained by inkFrog for 7 days.  The event history may be viewed within your account by selecting eBay → Event history




Any log noted in red on the event history page indicates an issue is an error log.

Any log noted in blue is a normal event and is just informational.


We recommend periodically checking the event history for any errors and/or navigate to eBay → Settings → Sync and enable the option to send failed eBay sync emails.


If send failed eBay sync emails is turned on, inkFrog will email you any time there is an error logged on a linked to store listing, so that you're alerted that there is a problem with syncing to eBay for a particular listing.

If you have any questions at any time about why an error is appearing in event history, please reach out to inkFrog's customer care team at






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