-- Export to BigCommerce & Skipped Listings


If you notice a skipped status for exporting from inkFrog to BigCommerce, it means that there's a listing on BigCommerce already that matches the eBay listing by title or sku.  While it's possible to change this information and create the product in BigCommerce anyway, it may be best to map the existing BigCommerce product to the eBay listing.

If you would rather export the listing to BigCommerce anyway, here's how to update the listing information and proceed with exporting.



The above listing was skipped due to having an existing duplicate title and sku already on BigCommerce.  To update this information, select the edit button to the right of the listing information.  You're presented with an opportunity to update the title and/or sku, make those changes and then select Save & Export.

Please note that these changes will also update to your eBay listing.




Once save & export is selected, inkFrog will attempt to create the BigCommerce product again and you should see a success status.



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