eBay Default Listing Settings


In this step we will be setting up the default listing settings for your eBay listings.

These settings will also create default shipping, payment, and return profiles for your eBay listings.



Select your Country, enter your Zip/Postal Code, and your Location (City, State/Province)

Select your eBay Market.

Note: If you intend on selling on eBay Motors, please select eBay Motors as the market here.

Click Continue



Select the parent eBay categories that your products will fall under.

Choose all possible top level eBay categories that the products would use. This ensures that the products will only be placed within those categories. If none are selected we will still attempt to match all of the products, but this will increase the likelihood of some products ending up with the incorrect eBay category. The opportunity to change these category selections is available on the import & list step.


Note: If your Shopify products have variations, you will want to review this eBay multi-variation category look up tool to ensure the top level categories selected support variations - http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/sellingresources/multiplevariationslist.html


The subcategories are addressed just prior to product import in future steps.

You are able to select 0 to 5 categories, then select Continue.





Enter your Paypal email address.

Select your Sales Tax settings.

Checkout instructions are not necessary unless there are special circumstances, such as with custom made products, where there is an extended wait period before the item will be shipped to your customer.

Select Continue





Select your shipping type, flat, calculated, or a combination depending on whether you ship domestic only or domestic and internationally.

Select your handling time. The shortest time between receiving payment from your customer until the product in the hands of the shipping carrier. It’s best to be realistic and not over promise on your handling time.




Choose your Domestic Shipping Services. You’re able to select Add additional shipping service if you would like to offer your customers a selection at checkout.

Choose your International Shipping Services. You’re able to select Add additional shipping service if you would like to offer your customers a selection at checkout.

If you do not ship internationally, leave the international setting as is.

Select Continue




Set up your default Return Policy settings. If you do not accept returns, un-select the returns accepted box.

Select the number of days the item must be returned within. eBay recommends 30 days

Choose how the refund will be offered, who will pay return shipping, and whether or not you charge a restocking fee.

Add any return policy text.

Note: Do not include any direct contact information within the return policy test such as email, phone number, website url, or physical address.

Select Finish




Once Finish is selected, a list of products available to import from your store will begin to build.

When the build of that list is complete, you’re able to import all or manually select which products to import and publish to eBay.

The shipping, payment, and return profiles for eBay may be edited at any time under Profiles.



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