Staff Accounts


To limit access in inkFrog for employees or virtual assistants, consider setting up staff accounts.  The permissions can be set per staff account so each person that has access to the inkFrog account may have varying levels of access.

To access staff account settings, log into inkFrog, select Settings → Staff Accounts

Before you can use staff accounts, a unique username must be provided for the staff login.  If this is changed at a later date, the login for your staff account users will change, so please be sure to update your staff if you decide to change the username.



Once the staff accounts username is saved, it's time to add your first staff member!

The account owner is always listed automatically on this page.

Select the Add User button



Enter their First & Last Name, Email, Optional Phone number and set their permissions by only selecting those areas of the account that they should have access to. 

If you would prefer they have full access to the inkFrog account, be sure that Limit admin access for this user is not selected.

Select Send Invite



Once Send Invite has been selected, the status of the staff account will change to invited.

The staff account member will receive an email to accept the invitation and set a password of their choosing.

There are options to delete the staff account member as well as resend the invitation if necessary.

Once the staff account member receives the emailed invitation, they should click Accept Invitation within the email.



Accept Invitation will lead the staff account member to a page to finalize the account details.

Once the account details are updated, select Create account.




The staff account member will receive another email confirming the account creation.

This email contains the username and the login link.  The login link is different than the account owner login and will remain the same for every staff account member that is created, (unless you change the unique username at any point, then the login link will change).  It is recommended that your staff account members bookmark this link for easy access.




Once the staff account member completes the account creation, the status will change to active in the staff accounts settings page.

To edit the staff account information at any time, access the settings and click on the name of the staff account user you need to update, make the changes, then save. 

To remove a staff account member at any time, select the trash button to the right of their name.


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