-- Image Editor


After uploading the images to inkFrog, select the edit button to the far right of an image to edit it. You'll find most if not all of the image editing tools that an online seller will ever need.




Crop: Use this tool to crop out unneeded extra space around the outside of your image.

Transform: Use this tool to rotate your images if necessary.

Draw and Text: Use these tools to add annotations to your images if they are needed..

Filter: If your image is "flat" looking, too dark, or the white balance is off, clicking “Filter” opens a new menu full of options to help fix these problems produce a photo that's more appealing.

Sharpen: Click this tool once to make your image sharper—with better defined edges—than before. Click it a second time to remove the sharpening effect.

Brightness: Use this tool to either lighten dark images or to bring definition back to images that are too light. To use it, click the tool, then click the gear icon, the move the slider until you achieve the look you prefer.

Gamma: Use this tool to remove color casts in your image. To use it, click the tool, then click the gear icon. You'll see three sliders, one each for red, green, and blue. Move these sliders up or down to adjust the strength of each primary color in your image until the color cast is gone.

Remove: Use this tool to remove a particular color from your image (these areas will become white instead). To use it, click the tool, then click the gear icon. Select a color you'd like to remove, then move the slider right or left to determine how much of the color to remove.



Inside of the Filter menu, click on a tool to apply it. For tools with finer adjustments, click on a tool, then on the gear icon to access further options.


When you're done making adjustments to each image, click Save




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