GTC Watchdog



GTC Watchdog allows you set your eBay listing duration on your terms.  You're able to set up multiple watchdog rules based on various criteria and also pause and resume the rules as needed.  



Rule Name:  Provide an identifiable name for your rule (this is only seen by you)

eBay Account:  Select which eBay account the rule should apply to

eBay Market:  Select which eBay market the rule should apply to

Primary Category:  Leave this set to any category or select a specific eBay category so that the rule only applies to listings within that category.

Pricing:  Select Any price, Equal to, Greater than or Equal to, or Less than or Equal to

Quantity:  Select Any quantity, Equal to, Greater than or Equal to, or Less than or Equal to

Action:  End (number of days) before GTC renewal

Ignore Auto Relist Rules:  If selected, items ended by the GTC Watchdog will not be automatically relisted by inkFrog

Don't End Listings with Sales:  Select this check box if you want the listings that have sales history on eBay, to be ignored by the watchdog rule

Enable Rule Immediately:  If selected, upon saving this rule, the current GTC listings within this settings criteria, will be affected and end early.



Once the rule is saved, there are options to pause/resume the rule, edit the rule, and delete the rule.


If there are listings that meet the watchdog rule criteria and you'd prefer to exclude specific listings from the rules, edit the listing(s) and select the Ignore GTC Watchdog Rules check box.




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