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The eBay navigation link expands into a sub-menu of a large variety of powerful features which include a single page create new eBay listing form, a view of your currently Live eBay listings, Sold eBay orders, Unsold eBay listings, Scheduled eBay listings, Profiles, Templates, eBay Messages, Event history, and Settings.


Create New Listing:  A single page listing form to create new listings for eBay



Live:  A view of all listings currently live on eBay



Sold:  All eBay orders including order details and order status



Unsold:  All unsold eBay listings including the option to list or relist to eBay



Scheduled:  A list of all eBay listings that are scheduled to launch at a later date with the options to re-schedule or cancel the scheduled listings.



Profiles:  The profiles section is broken down into Master Profiles, Shipping Profiles, Return Profiles, Listing Profiles, and Payment Profiles. Profiles are used to create new eBay listings quicker, bulk revise listings with ease, and also used for default eBay listing information when importing from a store to create new eBay listings.



Templates:  A list of your saved listing templates for eBay are provided, with the options to create new templates or edit existing templates.



Messages:  Read & respond to eBay messages, directly from within inkFrog, a major convenience!



Event History:  inkFrog logs information on syncing with your eBay listing as well as any sync errors.  This information is retained for 14 days per listing sync.



Settings:  The eBay settings menu is broken down into Accounts, Auto Relist, Sync, and Marketing.




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