-- eBay Account Settings



The accounts page lists the account name for each connected eBay account.  Also included is the eBay token expiration date and the status.

Towards the top right of the screen, an Add eBay Account button is available to add additional eBay accounts to inkFrog.  Once selected, please follow the onscreen prompts to complete the connection.

To the far right of each eBay account connected to inkFrog, is a row of buttons, settings, refresh, update token, and remove.



Discount Pricing:  You must be approved by eBay to use this feature. Please contact eBay for details on their Discount Pricing Program.

eBay Local Pickup:  You must be approved by eBay to use this feature. Please contact eBay for details on their In-Store Pickup Program.

Customer Feedback:  Leave feedback on eBay automatically based on your top 5 set responses.
When shoppers pay for an item, inkFrog will respond with positive feedback for them, rotating your comments from among the five that you've entered.



The refresh button will update details between inkFrog and eBay.  For example, if you've re-named your eBay account or added/removed eBay store categories and that information has yet to update to inkFrog, use the refresh button to update it immediately.


Update Token

Periodically eBay requires you to update your token. This also happens when you change your password. Updating your token in inkFrog is extremely easy. A token is like a key so that inkFrog and eBay can communicate about your account without inkFrog having access to your eBay account password. Without an active token, inkFrog is unable to sync with your eBay account.



Selecting remove will remove your eBay account from inkFrog.  The listings that are live on eBay, will remain as is and all data within inkFrog associated with that eBay account will be removed.  Please carefully consider this option.


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