-- Listing Profiles


Options within the listings profiles page are to create a new payment profile, edit, rename, copy, delete, and view listings (linked to that particular profile).  Listing profiles are used to create new listings and also may be used to edit existing listings.


Creating Listing Profiles

When creating a new Listing profile, be sure to fill out all of the necessary fields.

Profile Name: Make it memorable, easy to identify. The profile name is only view-able to you, not your potential customers

Description: A descriptions of the profile is optional and is only view-able to you, not your potential customers

Select your eBay account and eBay market and eBay category

Enter your item location.  This is not necessarily your personal location, but rather the location your item ships from.

Other information may be saved within the profile, however, the rest is optional.

Select Save



Using Listing Profiles

Once the listing profile or multiple profiles are saved, you're able to link them to existing listings or link them to a master profile for creating new eBay listings.  If you're importing from a store connection to create eBay listings, the default profile is automatically assigned to your listings during import.

To bulk assign a profile to your eBay listings, in the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.

The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.

Choose Listing Actions, and then Assign profile.



In the popup, select the profile type, then profile name and choose Assign Profile to apply the profile to only those listings selected in the library, or select the link to apply to all xxx listings matching the current search.

If you've selected the link to apply to all xxx listings matching current search, ALL library listings including those not selected, will be edited to add the selected template.


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