-- Master Profiles


Options within the master profile page are to create a new master profile, edit, rename, copy, or delete.  Master profiles are used to create new listings and cannot be used to edit existing listings.

Bulk editing may be done using sub profiles (listing, payment, shipping, and return profiles).

The master profiles allow you to create prefills for everything field that is available on the create listing page and can be used to attach sub profiles together (like payment, shipping, return profiles).

When creating a new master profile, you're automatically taken to the create new listing page.  Fill out as much or as little detail as you'd prefer and then choose Save → Save as a master profile



Once save as a master profile is selected, the ability to name the profile, add an optional description, and save as an existing profile are available.

Profile Name:  Make it memorable, easy to identify.  The profile name is only view-able to you, not your potential customers

Description:  A descriptions of the profile is optional and is only view-able to you, not your potential customers

Save as existing profile:  Offers the ability to overwrite an existing master profile with the new details


Once complete, select the Save Profile button.  Once saved, the master profile will be available to prefill the create new listing page.







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