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If you are not using master profiles, please skip this step and continue below.


Select the eBay username (if you have multiple eBay usernames linked to your inkFrog account)

Select the eBay market


inkFrog supports listing to the following eBay Markets

  • (US)
  • eBay Motors
  • eBay UK
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Australia
  • (Dutch)
  • (French)



General Settings


Tell us about your product: This field is used for adding eBay catalog product details to your listings.

In this example, we've entered Apple iPhone 7 and then clicked the search button.  The results are displayed below.


First, notice that there are a few eBay category suggestions based on our keywords.  You may select the category here or browse for a different category later in the listing process.

Next, suggested products, these are the results we receive from the keywords that match eBay's catalog of products.  If there is a result that closely resembles your product, you may select Use this item or simply close this window to continue on with the listing creation without making a selection.

If you've selected use this item, the title field and category selection in the listing page will be automatically filled in for you and you will also have the option of including eBay's catalog details and stock photo with your listing.




Enter the title and item description




Enter the product identifier if applicable (upc, mpn, ean, isbn, gtin)

Select the save folder or create a new library folder by selecting the + button





Upload new images or select from your previously uploaded images




Listing Profile General Settings

If you've created Listing Profiles, you're able to choose to link the profile to your listing or manually fill out the necessary details.



  • Select your primary eBay category
  • Select your secondary eBay category (please note that a second category is not required by eBay and if you choose to include a second eBay category, eBay will charge you additional listing fees)
  • Select your listing type: Auction, Fixed Priced, or Multi-Variation Fixed Priced
  • Select your listing duration
  • Giving works charity ID: Enter or locate your charity ID (optional)
  • Enter the percentage you're willing to donate to charity (optional)
  • Set your private listing preference
  • Make your international site visibility selections if applicable (eBay will charge a fee to display this listing for sale on the selected eBay site(s) in addition to the default eBay site)
  • Add lot size (leave blank if you're not selling your items in lots or are uncertain)



Item Specifics

  • Select your item condition (not required on all eBay categories)
  • Enter your condition description (this will only appear in your listing if a condition other than new is selected)
  • Add any required item specifics (a red star indicates if a field is required)
  • Add any optional item specifics




Item Location

Select the country, enter the postal code and location for where the item(s) ship from


Next, if you've already set up one or more templates, you may choose the template to assign to this listing.

If you would like to create a new template, select the create new template button.

If you would rather not use a template at all, skip this section and continue.



Pricing & SKU

  • Make your best offer selection
  • Enter your price
  • Enter the quantity
  • Add a sale price if applicable 
  • Add your SKU (if this is left blank, inkFrog will assign a randomly generated sku to the listing)





If your product contains no variations, skip this section and continue.

To create variations of your product so that customers on eBay may select from various sizes or colors, select the Add Variations button.



  • Enter your base price, base quantity, and base sku
  • Select from pre-formatted Option Names or create your own
  • Enter your Option Values for each Option Name selected
  • Select specify pricing and inventory




You may also choose to assign images to your variations

Select the variant name to assign images to and then upload new images or select from previously uploaded images.




Return Settings

If you're using return profiles you're able to choose to link the profile, otherwise please continue with the below settings.

  • Select whether or not to accept returns
  • Set the number of days an item must be returned within
  • Select how the refund will be provided to your customer
  • Select who will pay for return shipping
  • Set your restocking fee if applicable
  • Enter any return policy text (email addresses, phone numbers or any type of direct contact information is not allowable by eBay)




Shipping Profile

If you're using shipping profiles, you're able to choose to link the profile, otherwise please continue with the below settings.

  • Select your shipping type (these options vary by eBay market selected)
  • If you're opted in to eBay's Global Shipping Program, make that selection
  • Select your handling time (this only includes the time from when you're paid until you have the package in the hands of your shipping carrier and does not include the actual shipping time to reach your customer)
  • Select any include/exclude shipping locations if applicable
  • Choose one or more domestic shipping services
  • Choose one or more international shipping services (optional)





Package Details

  • Enter your package dimensions
  • Add the package weight & choose the package type

These are important and often required details when using calculated shipping.




Payment Profile

If you're using payment profiles, you're able to choose to link the profile, otherwise please continue with the below settings.

  • Add your Paypal email address
  • Select more options to choose from additional payment choices
  • Set your sales tax settings
  • Add any additional payment instructions for your customers




Buyer Requirements

  • Make the buyer requirement selections




Select the Save button and choose to save to library or save to library and launch or schedule your listing for eBay.



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