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Access Analytics in the navigation menu, select reports, then link your eBay account to enable data history & ongoing data accuracy for your account.




If you have a store connected to inkFrog, link your store account as well.



Multiple eBay and store connections may be made within the same inkFrog account.



Reports include the ability to analyze your own sales.  Analytics will collect information from your account and break down your sales into reports such as this one below.

In this report we can see that second largest country to ship to is the UK for this account. That suggests it might be worthwhile to list more on eBay UK as only a fraction of listings are currently listed there compared to the US.

The analytics reports offer a range of reporting like this which you can use to drill into various elements of your business and spot new opportunities.





In this example, click onto Competitors in the analytics tool and run a query for iPhone XR Case.  The filter button may be used to filter the results by category, marketplace, listing types, seller, and price.

With just one quick search we can see what the top sellers are selling and how many units and at what price they are selling them at over the last 30 days. Not only that, but we can see the exact item and pull it up on eBay.


Overview Metrics

The first thing that you'll see in results are data about the top five matching listings for your search. You'll see totals for:

  • The number of items sold through the top five matching listings

  • The total sales figure for sales through the top five listings

  • The average per-item price from the top five listings

  • The average shipping cost for the top five listings


Viewing Breakdowns by Seller

Scroll down to see the list of sellers that are represented in the summary figures. For each seller, you'll find:

  • A link to their eBay profile and items

  • The number of sales they've made this month for your product and the number of sales they've made all-time

  • Their average sale price for your product this month

  • The total sales figure for their sales of your product this month

  • Their average shipping price for your product this month

  • Their average sales rank amongst sellers selling your product

To see more about each seller's pricing strategy, click on the arrow to the left of any seller to provide an expanded chart showing both how their price for the product has evolved this month and how their sales have broken down by price as their prices have changed.


Viewing Combined Trends

To see data for all of the sellers in the list charted together, scroll back to the top of the view and select the "Trends" tab. Then, scroll down again to reveal a chart plotting the the sales performance of all of your competition this month.

Use the drop-down list on the left to plot performance data either by seller or by eBay listing. Use the drop-down list on the right to show metrics for:

  • Total Sales — The amount of revenue generated by each seller or listing this month

  • Rank — The evolving sales rank for each seller or listing this month

  • Items Sold — The number of items sold by each seller or listing this month

  • Average Sold Price — The evolving average sale price for each seller or listing this month

  • Average Shipping Cost — The evolving average shopping cost for each seller or listing this month





There's also a save/track feature where you can save your market research. This lets you retain a history of everything you are considering selling and can revisit in the future.  




Hot Products

If you aren't sure what to sell on eBay and are just looking for ideas, that's where the Hot Products tool comes into play.  This report shows you the top selling products on eBay over the last 30 days. Right now it's telling us that screen protectors, charging cables, and string lights are trending on eBay.  These results may also be filtered by marketplace, listing types, and seller.





If you're interested in selling a particular type of product but not sure what to start with, we can narrow down the hot product search to phone cases.




Let's go one step further and look at iPhone XR cases.  Now we just need to find one that looks promising, create a listing, and start selling!






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