Enabling Automatic Feedback


Log into inkFrog and click "Settings" → "eBay accounts" to open the list of eBay accounts you've linked to inkFrog.

Then, click the settings icon (it looks like a gear wheel or cog) to access the settings for the account whose feedback you'd like inkFrog to manage. This will open your basic inkFrog settings for the account in question.





Find the "Enable Automatic Customer Feedback" option at the bottom of the list of settings. Then, click on it to move the switch from the "OFF" position to the "ON" position.

This will enable automatic feedback and reveal a series of entry boxes where you can enter the feedback comments that you'd like to use.




Now, enter five feedback comments that you'd like inkFrog to leave for shoppers that first leave positive feedback for you.

Defaults are provided, but it's best to take a moment to customize these comments for your own business. Doing this prevents the appearance that you're leaving generic feedback automatically, and enables you to take advantage of a branding opportunity.

Comments like "Frank's Inflatables thanks you for your business. Come see us again!" are likely to do more for your business over the long term than perfunctory and impersonal comments like "Thank you" can.

When you're done, click "Save" to save your updated settings and feedback comments.





Once you've saved your updated settings, inkFrog will automatically handle feedback for you.

When shoppers pay for an item, inkFrog will respond with positive feedback for them, rotating your comments from amongst the five that you've entered.

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