Common eBay Error Messages


Common eBay Error Messages


Error Message


Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account.

eBay is requiring some additional information for your eBay account there.  

You can find further information at this link:

The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

This is a very general error returned by eBay that can be caused by many different things.  If you’re unable to determine the cause, please contact for assistance.

Your listing cannot contain javascript (".cookie", "cookie(", "replace(", IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href.

Remove any javascript or other code eBay does not allow from your listing description

This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list. You can list up to $0.00 more in total sales this month. Please consider reducing the starting price or request to list more:

You’ve reached your eBay account listing limits.  

Further information is available here:


Quantity is not valid for an item with variations

At least one of the variations associated with this listing must have a quantity greater than 0

Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller.

Please check eBay for selling requirements.

Invalid weight for First Class Mail.

Weight of an item should not be more than 15 ounces when you select First Class Mail

Package weight is not valid or is missing.

Provide a valid number for the package weight.

The PayPal email address is invalid.

The PayPal email address is not valid. Enter a valid email address.

Invalid VAT rate.

The VAT rate needs to be between 1% and 30% or leave this field blank.

Validation of the authentication token in API request failed. Auth token is hard expired, User needs to generate a new token for this application.

Update your token under eBay → Settings → Accounts within inkFrog.

Shipping Surcharge fee is not valid.

Shipping Surcharge fee is not applicable for this shipping service.

Remove the surcharge fee in your shipping settings.  A surcharge is not applicable for any USPS shipping service which includes the Standard Shipping options.

You must accept the Terms and Conditions for Cross Border Trade on eBay before listing any additional items.

Please visit the eBay link within the error message to accept these terms. You must accept the International Selling Agreement before you can list this item on a site other than where you registered or with international shipping options. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered and choose local postage options in this tool before re-submitting your listing.

Listing violates the Duplicate Listing policy.

This Listing is a duplicate of another listing item.

Use multi-quantity fixed price listing to list these items instead.

Portions of this listing cannot be revised if the item has bid or active Best Offers or is ending in 12 hours.

What you are able to revise in a listing depends on the listing type, the time left before it ends, and whether you have received any bids or sales.

Additional details:

No tax table defined.

No rate table has been created.

You specified that the item should use a tax table, but you have no tax table defined on eBay. Set up your tax table on eBay or unselect the option to use the tax table.

Error in tax.

If you’ve chosen to apply sales tax, you need to specify the tax. The valid tax should be a number greater than 0.

Skipped listing item because it is out of stock on inkFrog

The quantity of a listing must be above 0 to successfully post to eBay.  Please increase your listing quantity and try again



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