Moving to Open from Classic..


Hi all, I know that moving is never fun, but sometimes it's for the best. I wanted to write up a quick article including some FAQ's on why and how you should move to inkFrog Open. 

First, a bit about inkFrog Open and why it's better. inkFrog Open works much differently than inkFrog Classic. And while it's never easy to move, once you use Open for a few weeks you will learn why it's so much better. The more you use it, the better it is. It's not just us that thinks so, we have tens of thousands of sellers that use it.. and it gets rave reviews!

  • Open offers true mobile friendly templates which comply with eBay's new requirements (including Active Content requirements). This includes the 'tabs' which you can create in your templates! Listings on mobile look fantastic. See screenshots below from an actual sellers listings on an iPhone using our template builder!

  • Open has built in threaded eBay messages (view, reply, manage your eBay messages)
  • Open has library attachments. Every listing you create is attached to a library item where you can manage the listings!
  • Create an incredible amount of filters and saved searches so you can quickly find the items you want
  • Store connectors - You can connect all of your inventory from Shopify, Bigcommerce, and now Amazon directly from inside Open. We keep everything synced for you.
  • True 'Forever listing storage' -- every listing you ever create can be kept inside inkFrog open
  • Templates and descriptions are separated out - and any update to a template, will auto update all of your listings magically for you! (just make sure you manage everything through Open or they will get separated). 
  • Open has individual profiles for shipping, returns, and payments!  We've done away with those Global Rules and then having to bulk apply them.  If you link your profiles to your listings, one quit edit to a profile updates every listing linked to that profile!

The above are just a few reasons and I can go on and on, but I'd like to keep this article short if possible.


Next, some FAQs on what Open will do and how you can move


How can I move my account to Open?

While we are nearly complete with our Open converter (from classic to open), you can move without the converter fairly easily. Just create a new account for inkFrog open (if you haven't done so in the past) at and Open will automatically import all of your live, sold, and unsold listings from eBay (including images).  Then, connect your classic billing to inkFrog Open by going to this URL (after you login to Open first) - - Connecting your billing will allow you to use both Open and Classic without being charged for both. If you've signed up in the past but forgot how to login, just use your email address and reset your password from the inkFrog open login page.


What about billing (Classic and Open)?

We have great news, you can now connect your Classic billing plan with your inkFrog Open account. Just login to inkFrog Open and then visit this URL: (it will require you to login using your classic username/password) -   We will map your classic billing to the closest, higher plan on Open but you will get to keep your lower, Classic price.  For example, if you are paying $9.95/mo on Classic for 100 listings, you will get our equivalent or higher Open plan but for the same price as you already pay. If you currently get 'unlimited' listings in Classic, you will get our highest Open plan (normally $27/mo) for your lower current, Classic price. And, not only that, but you will be able to use inkFrog Open and inkFrog Classic at the same time, with one single subscription.


What about importing my eBay listings?

That is the great news. inkFrog Open will automatically import all of your live, unsold, and sold listings directly from eBay (including your images). So 90% of all of your inkFrog Classic work automatically gets imported for you. The only thing that doesn't import yet is your inkFrog classic library listings.


What about my Classic templates (prebuilt and custom)?

Here is the deal with templates - eBay's new Active Content and mobile requirements are very strict. None of the old templates, and most likely none of your custom templates meet those requirements. Their new rules require templates to be responsive, which means they change automagically based on screen-size and if on a mobile device. Not only must they be responsive, they also have other limitations which eBay has just recently announced.  Most likely, your templates are not truly responsive, and if they are, they most likely have active content or are limited by at least one of their new standards (unless you've head someone build them recently who knew what they were doing). 

Our new template builder in inkFrog Open gives you 100%, true mobile friendly and active content approved templates. These comply with eBay's 2017 requirements. We even offer tabs in our templates which are active content approved!  We recommend creating a template using this new template builder and begin to phase out your old templates (including old, classic templates). Applying an inkFrog Open template in bulk to your listings is very easy to do - just go to your inkFrog open library, checkmark your listings and choose the 'bulk actions-->apply template' option. Before you apply a new template however, make sure you strip out your old templates.  This has to be done manually, unfortunately. Note, you can also use custom templates with Open, just make sure your designer/template builder knows what they are doing with eBay's new standards. 

We know that changing templates is a major pain - but after it's done it will be worth it. No pain, no gain as the adage goes. Our new template builder is perfect for today's eBay (clean, simple, professional templates which work great).  Also note, once you 'attach' one of our inkFrog Open templates (and you continue using open to manage your listings), it will be very easy in the future to swap out your templates. We separate your templates from your description - so any template change can be done in a few clicks. In fact, if you update one of your templates, we will auto update your listings for you automatically as well. 


What about my inkFrog Classic library listings?

We are not yet done with our library importer/converter. We should have this done shortly. You will be able to import those into your existing Open account once the converter is complete.


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  • Avatar
    Mark E Chase

    Why are my new listing still showing up with active content?? I thought we turned it off, and I have not indicated for it to be added. See ebay listing 222327832298 that I added yesterday.

  • Avatar
    Theresa p. Fletcher

    will we be able to import our images from classic to open at any point?


  • Avatar
    Dennis DeFrank

    Once again I go to relist items that closed last night and they are not in unsold items 11 hours later. They still show in Live with no closing time.

    I will be going to Classic to complete this very simple task. Hope classic is around until Inkfrog Open is 100% operational. Very dissatisfied!!!!

  • Avatar

    hi all, we found out what was causing the unsold/live etc. issue and it's due to using both classic and open -- somehow the notifications we get from eBay are getting 'unsubscribed' for your accounts. We are not sure yet where this triggers, but it is coming from classic and it's due to something that is happening when classic is being used (token update through classic for example).  Support can fix your account (just contact them through a normal ticket) and then if you quit using classic, it should no longer happen again.

  • Avatar
    Rod A. Heckman

    I've used Open for about 2 months and the one thing I am sure of from my experience is that the people who designed inkfrog open do not sell on ebay on a day to day basis! There are just too many little problems and difficulties that any person who lists constantly will quickly find when they try to use this program. For instance, the scheduler sucks! What's with this 15 minute intervals? If I schedule some items today I can't go back tomorrow and get new items in the schedule without first adding the new items and then going to scheduling and re-scheduling the whole day.

    The size of photos that come up when you're adding photos to a listing! You need a magnifier to see what they are.

    The way sold and unsold listings come back into your library as "ready" Can't they come up with separate categories so you don't get your listings confused??

    There's many other things, but you'll find them. If I had it to do over again--I wouldn't, I'd wait another 6 months until they get some of the stupidities out of their program.

  • Avatar
    Jeff Garfinkel

    Is the automatic return feedback available in Open?



  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    Greg, so after being told we could use BOTH Classic and Open, now you are saying we can't? I may have to switch back to Classic, because when the unsolds don't show up in Open, the only place I can find them is in Classic. 


    I agree with the person who asked about everything showing "ready" in the library. It is very confusing to find what has been listed and what has not when Open isn't working correctly.

  • Avatar
    Dennis DeFrank

    Greg, I too may be going back to Classic. In classic the ease of making an auction a fixed price and change the pricing is not complicated at all. In Open having to go to listing library then filter, then checkmark the page and click Bulk Actions / Edit Listings / Pricing. Click Adjust Prices on the upper right corner and you'll be able to modify the pricing for all listings. You can then launch/relist as normal from the library. Very time consuming.

  • Avatar

    Reta - the reason your unsolds aren't showing up is because you are using classic -- also, we should have that issue resolved now. 


    Dennis -- Open is not a 'single function better or worse' type of system.. it's the overall management which will save you time (not just bulk editing one thing). We are working on making things quicker/easier from the library (less steps). 

  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    Greg, I have only been using Classic to find my Unsolds when they don't show up in Open. I have been listing through Open.

    Now I am having one listing that is auto re-listing every little bit, even when I end it early!  I know that end early is supposed to keep it from re-listing, but it isn't on this one. I noticed a duplicate listing and that is how I found the problem. I have a support ticket open, but they haven't been able to solve it yet. I guess I'm going to have to delete the listing even from the library, and hope it quits re-listing.

  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    Ok, I went to the Library, found the 7 re-lists that shouldn't have happened, and disabled auto re-list on them. We'll see if that takes care of the problem. I sure hope it doesn't happen on any others. I can't afford a smack down from ebay for duplicate listings.

    Edited by Reta Riley
  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    What I posted above did not work; that listing just kept auto re-listing every time I ended it, even after disabling the auto re-list. I finally had to go to the Library and DELETE every one of that listing, except the 1 live one that was correct. That finally stopped the vicious circle.

  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    Is anyone monitoring this list any more? I still am trying to navigate Open, but it is so much more confusing and time consuming in many ways than Classic.

    Why can't we opt to re-list at auction once and then re-list at fixed price right on the lister, like we could in Classic? 

    I don't see how to add Best Offer in bulk to re-listed items.

    What are the long lists of "logs" that say changes made to such and such a listing based on recent revisions on ebay, when I haven't made any revisions?

    I thought all listings through Open were to be mobile friendly, but now it seems I have to build a template for that to be true?? I thought ebay wanted us to stay away from templates.

    I like the actual lister in Open with the linked sections, but the scheduling is a big pain. I like to schedule auctions at 1 minute intervals and can't do that at all. I can only schedule at 2 minute intervals through the library, not through the actual lister. 

    There are many other things I could address, too, but not sure anyone is even listening.

    Edited by Reta Riley
  • Avatar
    Diane Bennett

    @ Reta

    I don't know if Greg is still monitoring this any more or not. I hope you received answers to your concerns.

    If not, all I can suggest to click on Summit a request at the top of this page.

    Support has been very helpful and quick to respond .

    Hope this helps.

  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    Thanks, Diane. I have contacted Support many times and will do so again. It is frustrating to have so many concerns and to just be ignored.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Petty

    I have thousands of images on inkfrog Classic (the inkfrog Open importer appears to simply be importing my single ebay image from ebay, all of my listing images are URL linked to inkfrog Classic images).  My ebay listings all have URL links to these Classic images.  How long will these URL links work?  I only use inkfrog for image storage.  Should I upload new images to inkfrog Classic or inkfrog Open?  If I should now upload new images to inkfrog Open, is the URL the same for images on Open as Classic?  

    I am very concerned about whether or not the images on inkfrog Classic continue to both exist and that the URL I used in my hundreds of ebay descriptions will also continue to work


  • Avatar
    Vanessa Weiss

    Is watermark going to be available in image uploader?

  • Avatar
    Joe Zupan

    I just tried my first new listing through inkfrog and it failed to launch.  It gave me an error saying the lot size is invalid and needs to be greater than 1 and less than 10000. Why?  I only have one of this item.

  • Avatar
    Dan Myers


    Not sure if you are in Classic or Open, but I've had this problem before.

    If you're in Classic, one of the red asterisk (required) fill-in boxes is Item Quantity.  If you change the drop-down to LOT, but still have the quantity at 1, this will create this error.

    If in Open, one of the fill-in boxes is Lot Size.  This must be left blank.  Not filled in as 1, or filled in as zero, but totally BLANK.  Anything inputted here will shift the "thinking" of the Lister to that you are trying to list a quantity, and of course, quantities must be more then one (to start) for a multi-item listing.

    Good luck.

  • Avatar
    renny j johnson

    Good Morning,


    Has there been any progress in importing sold Classic Listings into Open?  My listing library in Classic has acted as a short cut for many years by allowing me to copy and paste descriptions into new listings.  I am currently able to do this by having two windows one with Classic and one with Open, but would like to have all of the listings available in my Open Library.




  • Avatar
    Diane Bennett


    Can the "Search" feature in Open show the information that is shown in Classic?

    In classic when I enter a key word I'm shown an icon for auction or FP, the folder it is in and when it was created.

    The "Filters" feature in Open doesn't show any of this. I find it requires more clicks and is cumbersome.

    I have made this request to Support many times. I don't know if you still monitor this thread, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Dennis DeFrank

    I have been very patient since September and I am still at a loss with taking a very good product and pushes a new product that was not ready. I have been told that my issues were due to having a token for Open and classic in ebay. So I had them take anything with classic and delete it. Yes I lost all my photos and folders. I find that now I have a multitude of photos from past listings in my images but not an easy way to view and use again.  My suggestion before making any changes is to contact support it is so easy for them because they know the 2 or 3 extra steps and do not have a multitude of listings to revise. I do not understand that you do not have a step by step guide with procedures to make this site so less complicated. It would be interesting to know who many users have decided to just go back to listing on ebay.

  • Avatar
    M J Maunu

    How do I move my photos from CLASSIC to OPEN? Have tried to look for info in this, can't find it.


  • Avatar
    David R Bergin

    Scrolling through this thread I had assumed the listing increments had been reduced down to at least two minutes, though somebody had requested 1 minute increments. I also list auctions of OAK items and need items to count down one at a time. in possible 1 or 2 minute increments. This is basic auction strategy, so it's a necessity.

    I'm still stuck on 15 minute increments. Back to Classic until this gets worked out, though it seems as if the clock it ticking down on that.

    Would also be nice if you could watermark photos as you upload them again. I understand simplifying for mobile, but that should not be an excuse to scale back your entire system to an inferior version of the previous system.

    It's bad enough I have to redo all my templates, profiles and settings for every category I stumble across in the near future.

  • Avatar
    Reta Riley

    David, there is a way to schedule at 2 minute increments, though it is a little cumbersome. You can save your listings just to the library, then when done, select all of them and do List to Ebay. There will be an option to schedule and you can set the time and choose 2 minute or other larger increments.

    If you have already saved and scheduled your auctions, you can still select them in the library and re-schedule them as above.

  • Avatar
    David R Bergin

    Thanks Reta. I finally figured that out talking to support. Would be nice if they put those increments directly in the lister though.

    Now I've run into another issue. Trying to list from a Pre-fill (which I always listed everything from), and whenever I change any information in the description to match the new item, there is a huge lag and the page hangs up. Like it's saving the information character by character for some reason. Takes a couple seconds to register each character I type. Really not manageable like this. Is this some sort of Autosave function I can turn off?

  • Avatar
    Marjorie P Anderson

    Where is my incentive to really learn Open when all I see is complaints?

  • Avatar
    Gregory M Sisung


    1. Happy people never post here, unfortunately. We have many more customers using Open than we do classic, and we actually get great reviews. Because of Open, inkFrog powers more sellers than ever before.

    2. Classic is becoming completely obsolete - eBay's new Active Content rules are making it this way.

    3. Open is constantly being improved, classic is not

    4. Classic will not be around forever

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