What functions and features does inkFrog have?


We have many more functions that we can possibly list in this FAQ, but to name a few.

  • One step listing page unlike any other on the market!
  • Listing profiles for extremely fast listing; including: master profiles, payment profiles, shipping profiles, and returns profiles.
  • Multiple eBay id support in a single account.
  • Secure cloud storage of all of your listings, orders, buyer data, and images.
  • Mobile friendly template creator for incredible looking listings.
  • Automation rules for auto relisting, managing, and other time saving functions.
  • eBay Messages done right! Communicate to buyers effectively with threaded messages.
  • Order manager that syncs perfectly with eBay and vice versa.
  • Folders and Magic Filters to make managing listings a breeze.
  • Give us a try to find out even more features!


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