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Pete has been an inkFrog Open customer since February 2015!  Pete began searching for listing management solutions to help with creating and managing listings on eBay. When coming across inkFrog Open in his search, the fact there was an option to try it for free was a great opportunity for him to see how it works and some of the benefits of using the listing tool. After trying it out, he quickly figured out that he liked the inkFrog listing tool and made the change from the free to paid subscription.   He likes that the inkFrog listing tool makes it easy for him to create a listing on the fly and found the listing tool much easier to use than any other service he had previously used.

Pete utilizes inkFrog Open daily to check his daily sales numbers and likes the ease of being able to view the report snapshots on the homepage.  Another benefit to using inkFrog is he is able to use it to bulk change his pricing quite often.  In addition, he will occasionally use it to make other edits as well using the bulk action features available to update more than one listing at a time.

inkFrog then was once again useful and helpful to Pete when eBay had their "spring cleanup" in 2017.  eBay's "spring cleanup" caused a lot of his listings to be removed because eBay considered them to be duplicate listings. He was selling the same product listed different ways for different cell phone compatibility using individual listings on eBay.  Pete  had to quickly rebuild listings of all his top products and make them "variation" listings rather than individual listings on eBay. Pete says inkFrog was fairly easy in allowing him to create and get those back up and listed quickly.

What does Pete love most about inkFrog? "I like the simplicity of it the most, and it's fairly quick."

What is one of Pete's happy eBay moments as an eBay seller? "When I finally regained Top Rated Seller status again. I had lost it awhile back due to handling time discrepancies/defects, and finally figured out how to fix that. Since then I have almost perfect metrics, and selling strong."

Check out Pete's eBay store OUTmyDOOR!

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