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David has been with inkFrog since October 2015.  David began selling on eBay middle of 2005. As sales increased, about a year later he knew he needed a better way of listing. David tried others listing services and was disappointed with the lister eBay was offering at the time. He continued to sell with limited success. David invested in eBay selling books, online videos and asked around to other eBay sellers about their secrets to better listings, photos and ease of getting items on eBay more efficiently.   David knew of inkFrog from his web searching for an eBay listing software and services. When inkFrog offered the newest platform "OPEN" he thought he would take a chance and try it.  David is so glad he did!  

David started out using two different services, a listing service and a template service, to create eBay listings which was a real hassle, causing him to do double the work.  He would create a listing in the template service, copy the coding from there to the listing service to re-create the same listing again in order to launch the listing to eBay.  To gain one thing, David felt he had to sacrifice something else. However, that all changed once he discovered inkFrog Open. inkFrog saved him time and money with ONE in-house service making it easy to save steps and time by being able to create eBay listings that look great and professional all in one system.

The daily use of inkFrog helps David to see sales, sold items, out of stock items, it helps him find, edit items quickly and more efficiently than directly in eBay. One of the main features David really likes about inkFrog, the ease of editing listings, even if they are live on eBay. If he ever wants to lower the price on one or a group of items he can easily do that using the inkFrog Bulk Actions editing tools. Another feature David likes is being able to create templates and then easily add a new template to one or any number of his listings with ease. David says “The rich features of inkFrog help me be more productive and add that professional touch the eBay customers are looking for. All around it is a quick, easy and professional way to sell on eBay for me.”

After David started to use inkFrog he noticed a 30-40% increase in sales. He recreated several listing in inkFrog that he had listed through the former listing services. Once the listings launched from inkFrog to eBay, they were sold in a few days. David had previously had these same items on eBay for months with not even a watcher. “I made new listings with inkFrog using the same photos, description and info from the former listings and - BAM! Sold in a few days!” David says.

David often gets compliments on his eBay listings now and how easy they are to navigate and find exactly what his customers are looking for.

What does David love about inkFrog?  “ONE WORD - Easy!”  David appreciates the easy set up, easy listing creation & managing existing listings. Easy to use templates that are customizable and ability to edit live listings easily.


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