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Melanie has been with inkFrog since April 2017.  Melanie’s first eBay happy moment was selling a pair of Dr. Martens Boots for $97. She was so excited and this proved to her that selling on eBay really could work! However, Melanie also knew this would start her search for a great listing tool to help achieve the goals she set for her eBay stores.  

In Melanie’s early days of becoming an eBay seller, she had to be sure to have consistent daily listings. Achieving this was a bit of a struggle initially, mainly because she wanted to be able to create a uniform, professional looking listing but also have the ability to create multiple listings at one time.  Melanie began searching for a listing tool with the ability to draft listings, list in bulk and give her eBay listings a more polished look for her eBay stores.  She had researched some listing tools, but then was referred to inkFrog by a fellow entrepreneur, she loved the platform.

Melanie started out with signing up for the free subscription option of inkFrog to test it out. The expectations she had were not beyond just basic requirements for how she intended and hoped to use the inkFrog listing tool to fit her eBay seller business need.   However, inkFrog very quickly far surpassed her basic expectations.   Melanie knew that she could grow her eBay stores at a faster pace than she had originally anticipated with using inkFrog and upgraded the account to a paid subscription approximately 2 months after her initial sign up.

The tools inkFrog has to offer have allowed Melanie to grow as an eBay seller and streamline her eBay business very quickly.  A favorite feature of Melanie’s is Templates.  Melanie likes that the template option allows her to give uniformity across her listings.  Another feature of inkFrog she finds amazing is the ability to create and launch listings quickly to her eBay stores.  She also finds the search feature very handy in locating her items very quickly.

For Melanie’s eBay business, everything begins with inkFrog. Starting her work day for eBay, she logs into inkFrog, checks Sales and the status of draft listings on both of her eBay stores. Melanie currently has one employee working for her with the intent to hire another employee soon.  She likes that the inkFrog platform makes it easy for herself and employees to work together effortlessly. The employees take pictures of items, upload them to inkFrog and locates the drafts to create live listings.  Once the image is uploaded and draft listing complete, all Melanie has to do is review the listing, run the inkFrog Preview Check Errors & Fees check tool and then launch the listing from inkFrog to live on eBay. Melanie appreciates that inkFrog can be used as a great tool to help streamline the listing process.

To quote Melanie: “I love that inkFrog is easy to maneuver. I love the professionalism that it gives my store. I love, LOVE the templates that makes for speedy listings. I love that I can see my weekly sales.”

inkFrog fits Melanie’s eBay selling business needs and easily helps keep her eBay stores running smoothly.

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