eBay Seller Updates: Secure Images & Templates


As eBay had announced in their 2017 Summer Seller Updates there will be new requirements for secure images and listing templates.


eBay has provided the following information:

To align with new industry security standards, eBay will begin exclusively using the HTTPS communications protocol in the coming months to send and receive information between your desktop browser or mobile device and eBay. Item descriptions that contain externally-hosted cascading style sheets (CSS), images, or HTML5 video may be affected. To ensure that your item descriptions and images display properly, ask your hosting provider or third-party partner to support HTTPS and update listing templates or descriptions accordingly.


inkFrog is in compliance with the HTTPS image requirements and it is automatic for new listings as well as revised listings and templates


What is inkFrog doing to help your listings comply with these requirements?

  1. All new listings and revised listings will comply with the HTTPS image requirement
  2. All new or revised templates will comply with these requirements.


What do I need to do to comply?

  1. It is recommended to revise your listing template designs.  Off eBay links are no longer allowed by eBay which means that click to enlarge images are no longer available through inkFrog.  The option for 'grid' has been removed from the image display options when creating or editing new template designs using inkFrog's design tool.
  2. For existing listings, you're able to bulk force sync from inkFrog to eBay to update.  Here is how:
  • In the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.
  • The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.
  • Choose Force Synchronization.


inkFrog to eBay Sync

When selecting to force sync inkFrog to eBay, choose description and images.


Once your selection is complete, select either Sync Listings to update only those listings that were selected in the library, or Sync all xx listings matching current search which will sync every listing in your library (including those that were not selected).


Next, if you're using templates created within the Templates section in your inkFrog account, open your template and simply select the save button to update it.  This will change any 'grid' image displays to stacked (or you may manually change this to 'none' to not display images in the description at all) and the template background image (if applicable) will be HTTPS compliant.


The changes will go into a queue to process and once complete, your existing listings will be in compliance with the HTTPS requirement.


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