Why does eBay continue to report Active Content on my Listings?


We realize these types of changes can be frustrating to figure out and we're here to help you adjust to these changes.

inkFrog has disabled active content for all current accounts.

Once the inkFrog software makes the attempt to remove active content from your eBay listings, inkFrog does not monitor your listings for active content inclusion from other software (this includes inkFrog Classic).


*Side note to our inkFrog Classic customers - We appreciate our customers that have hung in there with us for many, many years and we really, really want to see you using our inkFrog Open software, it's time to make that move.  As eBay continues with change after change, you will need to remain in compliance and inkFrog Open is the way to go, you've hung in there all these years, through all of the eBay changes, and so have we and we will continue to do so, so let's keep that relationship going! smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes.png

We love our Classic customers so much we're offering a discount to you on the inkFrog Open software, you are able to use the software for the lower inkFrog Classic pricing, here's how!


There are a few things that can be reviewed to determine the cause of the active content within the listings.

eBay generally will send you a list of offending eBay item numbers. 

Visit http://www.isdntek.com/ebaytools/ActiveContentSandbox.htm and enter one of the item numbers and select scan.  Once the scan completes, the report will be generated that will show you the exact code that is active content.  This code is highlighted in red text on the report.


...Let's find out how to stop the offending software from adding this content.


If you noticed, within the active content checker, that a specific software is adding the content, you may choose to revoke the token on eBay for that software so that they stop affecting your eBay listings.

What is an eBay token?

This token is a unique identifier for your account and allows third party software to access data in eBay's system and send information for your listings.

Revoking a token on eBay

  • Log into your eBay account. 
  • Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Third Party Authorizations. 
  • Click "Revoke authorization" next to the third party whose access you want removed.


Alright, so that stopped the problem but the listings are still not in compliance!


Since you've already disabled active content in inkFrog, we cannot choose to disable it again.  We can however, choose to force sync from inkFrog to eBay which will force the inkFrog software to try to remove the active content again.

  • In the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.
  • The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.
  • Choose Force Synchronization.


inkFrog to eBay Sync

When selecting to force sync inkFrog to eBay, choose description and images.


Once your selection is complete, select either Sync Listings to update only those listings that were selected in the library, or Sync all xx listings matching current search which will sync every listing in your library (including those that were not selected).


The changes will go into a queue to process and once complete, your existing listings will be in compliance with eBay's active content update.

If you have additional questions or need more help, contact us by submitting a support ticket or email Open@inkFrog.com


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