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Back when Niraj was selling on eBay as a hobby, he wanted a template design service to give a professional feel to his listings. His self-written HTML descriptions at the time were a lot of fun, but soon became tedious once Niraj had more than a few listings to manage.

That's when Niraj came across inkFrog Open, in January 2015. He was drawn to inkFrog Open’s sleek looking listing templates that seem to really stand out above the competition both in appearance and functionality. In particular, Niraj, liked the option to add custom sections to each template and to custom-code templates from scratch.  He found this to be really great for branding and presenting details flexibly across all listings.

Once Niraj got serious about selling on eBay, he started shopping around to see what other listing services were out there. The other services he had tried tended to lack key features, were too clunky, or were priced too high for him to use beyond the free trial. inkFrog Open soon became Niraj’s complete end-to-end listing management platform with its powerful tools, smooth performance, and appealing design. inkFrog's capability to be a multi-channel solution for him in the future was also a major attraction.

As Niraj grew from a one-man venture to a full-time anchor business on eBay, he and his team depended daily on inkFrog's reliable and time-saving features. They consistently used inkFrog's top-notch listing editor, the lightning-fast listing library, custom listing templates and profiles, CSV imports, library folders, bulk actions, image hosting, and more. As the business grew, the option to create staff accounts with custom permissions became quite a useful feature as well.


Today Niraj and team use inkFrog mainly for bulk listing management and image hosting, as well as benefiting from the dashboard's helpful visualizations of their orders.

Niraj mentions that bulk listing management is a critical need for eBay stores with a large number of listings. Unfortunately it can be incredibly time-consuming to find and edit them on eBay, even with some of the new bulk editing tools. For them, inkFrog Open has been the faster, more capable, and better-designed option. Niraj and team enjoy features like lightning-fast library search, bulk editing of listing details and settings, and custom templates that can push updates to thousands of listings in a single click.

Niraj explains a key moment where inkFrog played a central part of solving a key problem:

“One day, after launching over a thousand listings in a particular category, we realized that we had forgotten to include a some key general details in the descriptions. It would have been prohibitively time-consuming to revise so many listings one-by-one.

Thankfully, we had listed them all under a couple of inkFrog templates. All I had to do to was add a small section via inkFrog's template editor, and with a click this update was pushed to over a thousand live listings. Whew!”

Niraj also mentions that inkFrog gets the job done, does it quickly, and looks good while doing it. Compared to other tools they have tried, Niraj and team found that inkFrog is really a more capable and faster platform, and has a better designed interface.

Also, as eBay continually makes changes to its listing requirements (such as introducing required product identifiers and eliminating active content), they have been able to trust the inkFrog team to communicate via announcements and keep up with these changes.

Niraj provided inkFrog with a specific happy eBay moment:

“Back in high school, I started selling various home goods and used electronics on eBay for fun. I enjoyed testing the items, designing their listings, and shipping them out to customers. I provided technical support for customers as well. It was exciting to make a little money and find that my efforts were actually making people happy.

After some time of doing this, I got congratulatory messages from eBay for achieving Powerseller and Top Rated Seller status. This meant that my sales volume was relatively strong and I was consistently delivering a great experience for customers. They sent certificates in the mail, my eBay account got these fun little badges, and I started receiving discounts on fees.

I felt quite proud, and I remember showing off the mailed certificates to my parents. It was the first moment that I felt validated as more than just a hobbyist. I started to see myself as an entrepreneur.”

Niraj’s favorite inkFrog feature is definitely the one he uses the most, the "Bulk Actions" editor that allows numerous listing details and settings to be edited in bulk. Many adjustments can be applied to all of the selected listings in a single click. The bulk tools are a major time saver!

Niraj also explains that the in-app Aviary photo editor is a fun feature that really makes inkFrog's image hosting a complete service in itself. Many basic and fancy image edits can be made to photos without having to download the files or use a separate editor. While these edits won't be made to photos already in an eBay listing's gallery, they will be pushed to any images embedded within eBay descriptions and anywhere else they are hot linked around the web.

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