Force Sync Orders


Occasionally, you may have an order that fails to sync from your inkFrog to your store due to an error being returned by your store when inkFrog attempts to sync the order.  While there are multiple re-tries built into the software, eventually, if the error continues to be reported from your store, the software will cease attempting to sync the order.  While you should not need to use the force sync options often, we would like you to be made aware of them for circumstances where it may be required.

We generally recommend reviewing your orders at the end of the day.  To review your orders in inkFrog, access Listings, then Sold (orders).

If you're syncing eBay orders to your store from inkFrog, set a filter for not linked to store.


If there are results for orders that have not synced to your store, you're able to choose to force sync them to the store.


  • Access Listings > Sold (orders)
  • Select the check box for the failed order(s)
  • Select the bulk actions button and choose force sync
  • Select inkFrog to your store and complete the sync.

You should then see the order in your store.  If you receive an error regarding force syncing an order, please each out to inkFrog Customer Care by emailing and include the inkFrog order number and any information you have available regarding the error that was presented to you.


You may also force sync your store to inkFrog to update eBayorder status.  For example, if you see an order is not showing as shipped on eBay but is marked shipped in your store.  Force sync by following the steps above, but choose to force sync your store to inkFrog or inkFrog to eBay if inkFrog is showing the correct order status (paid, shipped).

Please note that if you have email failed orders enabled in sync settingsand if you received an email about a failed order from inkFrog, we may have reduced inventory on your store regardless of the failed order sync.  Please see this article about Failed Order Sync for additional details.



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