Edit Listings → Price


In the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.

The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.

Choose Edit Listings, then Price.



You're able to change pricing per listing or for all listings at once. 

To change pricing per listing, enter the values and then select save all modified.

To change all of the selected listing at one time, click the Adjust Prices button.




If you choose to use the Adjust Prices button, you will receive a popup with various price change options.

The changes made within the popup will apply to all of the selected listings on the page.

  • Select only those price fields you wish to change
  • Choose add or subtract
  • Select by dollar amount or percentage
  • Enter the dollar value or percentage
  • Select Adjust prices
  • Click Save all modified



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