Edit Listings → SKU/Inventory


In the library, make your listing selections and click the Bulk Actions button.

The Bulk Actions button will appear towards the top right of your screen once at least one listing is selected.

Choose Edit Listings, then SKU/Inventory.




In the popup, select to Edit this page of listings only or Edit all listings at once and select Next.




If you selected to edit this page of listings only, on the next page there are a few options available to you.

  1. Set all inventory to: xx - If you know it's fine to set all of your eBay quantity values to a specific number, you may enter that number here and click save all modified.  (please remember that if you're using a store connection with inkFrog, any inventory changes will follow your sync settings)
  2. Show all items - Selecting this link will open a quantity field for every selected listing, including the variants for each of the selected listings.  This field will show your current quantity and you're able to make adjustments on a per listing basis. It is not necessary to use the show all items link to use the set all inventory to: xx option, but if you're unsure of your quantities available, using show all items is the way to be certain of them.
  3. Remove variants with quantity between x and x - Setting values for x will remove any listings or variants of listings between the specified quantities from this bulk edit action.  This relates to eBay quantities and not store quantities.
  4. If you're also adding or changing the SKU number, enter that within the SKU field.

Once the changes are complete, select Save all modified.




If you've chosen to Edit all listings at once, set your values in the popup and select Edit Listings.



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