Order Status


You're able to update the paid and shipped status of an order directly on eBay or within inkFrog.  The information automatically transfers back and forth.  If you're syncing orders with a store, you are able to fulfill the orders in your store and the order status will sync to inkFrog automatically, and then to eBay.

To update order status in inkFrog, access Listings > Sold (orders)


Individual Order Update

Click on the order number which will open the order details.

Mark as payment received: Select this button to mark the order paid



Ship Items: Select this button to mark the order shipped as well as add any carrier or tracking information

Enter any necessary details and select Ship Items



Bulk Order Update

To begin a bulk order update, select the check boxes for the orders you would like to update.



Next, select the Bulk Actions button and choose the status you would like to update for the selected orders.




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