Creating & Editing eBay Listings using a CSV File




You are able to create new listings for eBay using a csv file in inkFrog.

It is also possible to update existing listings using a csv.

Note - Images may not be edited when revising using a csv file.

The csv sample file may be downloaded by navigating to listings > library in inkFrog and select the Import button and choose csv.  Within the pop-up select to download the sample csv file.



The csv is limited to the columns that exist in the sample.  They must remain in the provided order and if you are not using any data in a particular field, please leave the field blank and do not remove the column.  The import is limited to 250 listings per csv file.

NOTE: SKU numbers must be unique when creating new listings and not already exist within your inkFrog account.


Available Column Headers

SKU - Unique sku number

Title - eBay listing title

Description - eBay listing description

Quantity - eBay listing quantity

Price - eBay listing price (do not add monetary symbols such as $)

Images - Image urls separate by comma if importing multiple images

Option Name 1 through 5 - Used for multi sku variation listings only (For example, color or size)

Option 1 through 5 - Used for multi sku variation listings only (For example, red, blue, medium, large)

Product Identifier - UPC, MPN, ISBN, EAN values (numbers/letters)

Product Identifier Type - Accepted values UPC, MPN, ISBN, EAN

Brand - Product Brand Name

Sale Price - Only used if you've enabled discount pricing in inkFrog


Create New Listings

Once your csv file is ready to import, navigate to listing library, choose the Import button and click Browse to select your file.  Select upload and then start import.

When the import completes, select the listings and click the Next button.




On the next page, select your listing, shipping, payment, and return profiles for each listing or create new profiles using the + button. 

If the listings will share the same profiles, select the four profiles for the first listing, then use the blue arrow button to apply to all products.

Then select Import Products.



Once the import completes, you will find your listings in ready status within your inkFrog library.


Editing Listings

When editing existing listings, the sku numbers must remain unchanged and images may not be edited through the csv file.

We recommend exporting the csv file from the inkFrog library.

Make your revisions within the exported file and save.

Then access listings > library and select the import button and choose from csv.



Select Browse

Choose your file

Then select Upload

Next, select Start Import



On the following page, you'll be presented with the products available.



Select the check boxes for the products you would like to edit, then select the Next button.


On the following page, you will notice the map existing tab is selected, this indicates that the product is mapping to an existing eBay listing for editing.


Should you see that a map existing tab is not automatically selected, if you continue the import, it will create a new listing rather than edit an existing listing.

If you know that a matching eBay listing exists in inkFrog, select the map existing tab, then select the matching eBay listing from the pop-up.

You may also change which listing is mapped by selecting the edit (pencil) button.



Then, select Import Products which will complete the editing of the eBay listings.









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