Failed Order Sync


You may see an email alerting you to a failed order sync if you're syncing your eBay orders with your store.

The email will begin with > 'This is a courtesy email from inkFrog to inform you that we failed to push the following order to (your store)'

The email may also contain information related to the reason the order failed and also let you know that we did sync your inventory reduction back to your store regardless of the order failing.

Should you receive this email, you are able to try to force sync the order from inkFrog to your store.  To do so

  • Access Listings > Sold (orders)
  • Select the check box for the failed order
  • Select the bulk actions button and choose force sync
  • Select inkFrog to your store and complete the sync. (Note: do not select to sync inventory if asked since we have already reduced your inventory if specified within the email you've received)

If the order continues to fail to sync to your store after attempting to force sync, there are a variety of reasons your store may be sending inkFrog the fail message. 

If you need assistance with isolating the reason for the order failing to sync, please reach out to inkFrog Customer Care by emailing and include the inkFrog order number and any information you have received from the notification email from inkFrog.



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