Revoke your Classic Token from eBay


We highly recommend revoking the token for your eBay username if you're changing to inkFrog Open from Classic.

The reason for this is so that only inkFrog Open has access to your eBay listings and Classic is not interfering with updating the listings within your Open account.

To view the currently active eBay tokens for any 3rd party sites access My eBay > site preferences > scroll to general preferences > click the "show" link to the right of Third-party authorizations and you will see what sites you have given access to your eBay account.

You can also revoke the tokens there for any 3rd party sites that you do not want to have access any longer.

You may only see one instance of inkFrog having a token for eBay, if you do, please revoke the token which will immediately stop all communication between eBay and your Classic & Open account.  As soon as you've revoked the token, please access your Open account only and update the token to provide inkFrog Open access to your eBay listings again.

To update your token in Open, navigate to Settings > eBay accounts and select the button on the right side of the page to update the token.  Follow through the prompts to signing in on eBay, select agree, and you will return to inkFrog.

This will ensure that inkFrog Open receives the listing updates from eBay regarding sold, unsold, and live listings and that these notifications will not go to your Classic account.

Once Classic no longer has an active eBay token, the listings will not update from eBay in classic and you will not be able to send additional listings from Classic to eBay.


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