Change Classic Templates to Open Templates


inkFrog Open templates comply with eBay's 2017 active content requirements. We even offer tabs in our templates which are active content approved!  We recommend creating a template using the template builder and begin to phase out your old templates (including old, classic templates).

Applying an inkFrog Open template in bulk to your listings is very easy to do - just go to your inkFrog open library, checkmark your listings and choose the 'bulk actions-->apply template' option. Before you apply a new template however, make sure you strip out your old templates.  This has to be done manually, unfortunately. Note, you can also use custom templates with Open, just make sure your designer/template builder knows what they are doing with eBay's new standards. 

The steps to strip out the old template from Classic or any other 3rd party source is as follows and is done on a listing by listing basis.

  • Access the edit listing page in the library in inkFrog Open
  • Select the edit button for the listing
  • Highlight and then copy your description text
  • Change the description box view in inkFrog Open to HTML view by clicking the < > button
  • Delete everything in that view
  • Change the description box view in inkFrog Open to normal view by clicking the same button
  • Paste your description text back into the listing description box
  • Select your new inkFrog Open template
  • Click Save to library or Save & revise

Once edited, the listing is linked to your new inkFrog Open template.  Any template changes made will automatically update to each listing that is linked to that particular template (unlike Classic!).


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